Pranks for under £10!

Best Value Funny Gifts
Joke Gifts for under a tenner © leungchopan
Funny prank ideas for under a tenner... Yeah that's right just £10! All our best value joke & gag gifts are here.


About Bloody Time!

Funny Wedding Card
Send Glitter Bomb Reactions
Redface's newest card - About bloody time! Cheeky Wedding Card that is sure to get some giggles! More...

Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannon Spring Loaded
Spring Loaded Confetti Cannon - The Glitter Cannon 2.0! This Hiroshima of a confetti bomb will definitely not disappoint. More...

Funny Greetings Cards!

Musical, Glitter Packed and Hilarious Greeting Cards
Bored of the same old generic "funny" cards?

We have just the hilarious cards for you then, whether it's a funny Birthday card, glitter packed Christmas Card, an anonymous annoying prank musical card to rile up your neighbours or for any occasion we have just the cards to make you laugh!

There is nothing funnier than seeing someone being glitterbombed or even the aftermath so anonymously send this hilariously evil gift today!

Click here...

Extra Small Condoms!

Only £4.99!
Extra Small Condom Prank
Send genuine X-Small Condoms to embarrass a boss, co-worker or even a friend! The packaging (that needs signed for) is just as embarrassing! Click here...

David's Dead?

New Product Added
Unsealed Ash Prank
Oops! The UK's most incompetent Pet Funeral Parlour has sent David's ashes to the wrong address again! More...